Door Installation

Door Installation

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We offer a door installation service in Denver, CO to help install all types of doors in commercial or residential locations. We install fire doors, steel and metal doors, pre-hung doors, french doors, wood doors, stainless steel doors, security doors, sliding doors, hollow metal door, custom made doors, and more.

Why Is A High-Quality Door Installation Important?

We are highly experienced door installation professionals. It’s not enough to put the door in place and hope for the best. Precision is a critical factor to door installation. If your installation is off by even a millimeter, after using the door for a short while it will start to degrade the door, the surrounding panel and frame and the hinges. The more the door is used the more this process will continue until you will have to service the door and maybe realign it, but this is after the damage has already been done. We recommend using only professional door installers when installing a new door. The ongoing maintenance of a poorly installed door is expensive and unnecessary.

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 Locks Are A Big Part Of Door Installation

When installing any door, whether a commercial door or residential, understanding the locking mechanism is critical for a successful installation. The lock is one of elements that is most susceptible to erosion due to the many mechanical parts and constant use. Knowing how to install the lock correctly, aligning all the different parts in the door with those in the frame, and understanding where things are prone to erosion will help an experienced installer make the necessary adjustments while installing the door and lock so the system stays useful for many years without the need of constant service.

Door lock parts

Door security

A poorly installed door can become a security threat. This is equally important for businesses as well as for residential locations. Some malicious individuals (thief, burger), know the art of taking advantage of security breaches created by an incorrectly installed door or by a door that has been worn down by use and misalignment. A door is first and foremost a gateway that allows you to choose who comes through it. It has to be practical, aesthetic but also very secure. Our door installers are also highly experienced locksmiths that know the art of the lock inside and out.

security lock

Prehung Doors

Prehung doors are doors that are already attached to a frame. In addition, they come with all the necessary hardware such as hinges, bolts, etc…A prehung door should not be opened until it is mounted on the wall because this could cause the frame to bend and impact install precision. Prehung doors come in different shapes and sizes. To learn more about prehung door installation and maintenance, read this:


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Door Replacement

Door Replacement

Need new doors for your business?

We provide fast service to the graeter Denver, CO area including Denver metro. We make sure your needs are met. No job is too large or too small for our company, from large office buildings and industrial complexes to small businesses.

In the process of replacing your existing doors, we will go through a standard specification and design process. The first step is to set up a meeting for us to see your property, understand your needs, and take door and frame measurements. Afterwards, we will discuss the options available to you in terms of your new doors, existing frames, handles and panic bars, and locks and access control systems. After we determine the type of doors, frames and solutions that fit your needs, we will plan the job details, check materials availability and supply time, and provide you with a comprehensive quote and plan.

We replace and repair all types of doors, frames, hinges and exit bars:
Commercial and Office Doors
  • We supply and install all types of commercial doors. From prehung hallow metal doors, to custom made glass store front doors, we have a large selection of door options to fit your needs. We complement the door installation with lock service to give you an answer to any security needs from simply changing locks and re-keying, to installing or modifying an access control system to monitor and control building accessibility by customers, employees and suppliers.

commercial and office doors

Exit and Push Bar Doors
  • Exit doors serve two main purposes: 1) Making exiting the building easy via easy push to exit mechanisms 2) Complying with state and federal regulations for public buildings for emergency and fire situations, preventing situations when building visitors are stuck inside of a building during an emergency without the ability to go out. Furthermore, Exit doors enable easy security enforcement as you can configure the security setting to be locked from the outside and unlocked from the inside.

exit and push bar doors

Industrial Doors
  • The main differentiator for industrial doors is the sheer size difference and usability patterns. While a residential door gets opened and closed only several times a day, some industrial doors are used hundreds of times per day. The speed of door opening, door thickness and material type all play an important role in picking the right solution for you. For security reasons, it is important to also take into consideration fire rated industrial doors, and put in place emergency opening mechanisms.

industrial doors

Overhead and Garage Doors
  • Commercial overhead door replacement and installation.
  • Garage Doors motor replacement.
Our service comes with an extensive post job warranty, for both doors and installation. Call us now to get a quote for your job: (720) 897-4433
We service the greater Denver region


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

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We install access control systems on any access/door/entrance. Control systems (also known as entry control systems) must have a unique combination of security and practicality. We will help define your needs together with you, to provide exactly the right combination of both. These systems should be easy to use and friendly, without compromising the level of security required. Entry control systems are used to make sure the right people get access to the right places at the right time. These systems can also provide an overview and reporting of who gets access to where so you have more control over your sensitive information and locations. Our service comes with an extensive post job warranty, for both the system and installation. We will also provide the necessary training on using the system for optimal results. Call us now to get a quote for your job: (720) 897-4433

Access Control Systems Use

There are different types of Entry control systems. For example, granting access to an email or bank account is also a type of access control because it limits the use/access of people to the asset. For our purpose, we look at physical access control systems that limit geographical access to certain locations. There are different ways to grant or limit access. For example, a security guard can be put into place and fences erected around a perimeter. Again, here we will focus on automatic control systems that don’t require human personnel to perform their function.

Automatic access control systems can be mechanical, such the use of a lock and key, or technological/electronic such as keypads, RFID-enabled cards, eye and fingerprint scanners and more. Additionally, for a location with high risk or extremely sensitive data, multiple access controls can be but into place – this is referred to as two/three step authentication. The combination can result in a highly secure location that, even if a key or card is stolen, the other controls come into play to prevent unwanted access.

Common Types Of Entry Control Systems
  1. Magnetic access control
  2. Gate access control
  3. Proximity entry control
  4. Stand-alone entry control systems
Physical location

Access control systems are not disconnected from the physical location where they are installed. Having the best entry security will mean nothing when the surroundings and location are not secure. For example, having a proper fence around a secure perimeter. Many times, the entry to the secure location is within an existing business or complex thus reducing the importance of this issue.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control uses computers and technology to perform the function of limiting access and monitoring. It solves many of the limitation of a physical key and lock. Credentials are used to replace the key. When access is granted the entrance is opened for a predetermined time. The entry is recorded – who, when, and where. This will allow an overview of the coming and going for an additional layer of monitoring. Even when the system denies e the request is recorded allowing managers to put more security measures and procedures in into. Another important feature of many entry control systems is the ability to know for how long the door remains open and alert if it is open for too long or is forcibly kept from closing. Almost all common entry control systems are electronic, this includes magnetic, biometric, proximity, card/key card. If you want to learn more about smart card access control systems, click this link.

Advantages Of Smart Cards

Keycards, which are also referred to as smart cards, have a few advantages. All the user’s personal information is programmed into a chip on the card itself. This information can be read by multiple reader types and technologies. This can make life easier for managers of building with multiple organizations operating within them. This provides lots of flexibility. In addition, smart cards can be used as “logical’ access control, meaning that the same credentials which are stored on the key card can be used to grant access to software or databases on an IT network, and not only to doos/ physical locations.

How the access control system work?

Each request for entry uses a credential. This could be a key-card or swipe card, finger or voice print and more. The credential is presented to a reader which then passes the information to a central processing unit. The processing unit is a secured remote element that has the information about the procedures and credentials and it decides whether or not to grant access according to procedures and levels of authorization the presented credential has. The system also sends log information to a database for later viewing.

Authentication Types

There are 3 ways to authenticate a user. We can use something the user knows (passwords), something the user has (smart card, key-card, swipe card), and something the user is (voice and finger prints – biometric traits). The third one is called biometric authentication and uses the user’s body characteristics to identify them – eye print, finger print, etc…

Proximity Access Control

Proximity access control systems, or proximity entry systems, are systems that don’t require physical contact from the user to engage or activate. For example, doors that use a sensor to “feel” when a personal is approaching the door and open it. This type of system is not for security purposes as it will open for anyone.

some key cards, also known as swipe cards, are proximity entry systems. The cards carry the authentication information on a chip that “sends” it to the reader without touching it. Usually from a distance of less than a few Inches. All swipe cards are proximity entry systems but not all key cards. Some key cards require they be inserted into a slot in the reader and therefore are not considered proximity control system.

It’s also important to note that some swipe cards are easier to copy than others. These are the magnetic cards, that have the black magnetic stripe as seen in the picture. The information on these keycards is more accessible. If some get their hands on a card, they can make a copy fairly quickly. The more secure keycards are those with the small chip as seen in the second picture.

proximity access control system

keycard with chip
Magnetic Access Control Systems

Magnetic entry control systems provide a fail-safe emergency release capability.These can be compatible with any type of access control system. The high-quality systems can meet the most rigorous building and fire rating regulations and safety codes.

The system has no moving parts. What h the door in place is a strong electromagnetic field that is created between to electromagnets, one placed on the door, the second on the door’s frame. The magnetic system is designed to receive commands from multiple controlling systems, including fire sensors from the fire command center or remote access control.

The mag-lock system can be activated by different peripheral devices including fingerprint, key-card, swipe card, or keypad. These attached systems are responsible for the “decision” – the authentication of the user and making the call to grant them access. They then relay the decision to the magnetic system which releases the door.

magnetic access control system

Stand-alone Access Control Systems

Stand alone entry systems are systems that all the controls and associated electronics are placed in the same place. This is important for security reasons. When the system is stand-alone, it does not have to send data to remote locations for any reason which diminishes the chance that someone will be waiting in the middle. For example, if the authentication token on the card is transmitted to an authentication computer in a remote location, someone might pick up on the transmission and use the token to gain access. Stand-alone Access control systems are also referred to as compact entry control systems because all the parts are compacted into one place. Many stand-alone s will  be keypads with a number combination to unlock the door.

Although it reduces the risk stated above, these systems are still considered less secure. When they are meddled with by an outsider, they are not connected to anything and can’t alert the administrator of the break-in attempt. Their disconnectedness is a disadvantage as much as it is and advantage due to this reason. Remote systems, where the only thing on the door is the reader that get the authentication token from the user, are considered safer and more secure, as there is less chance of tampering with the core of the system (the part of the system that makes the decisions).

stand alone access contorl system - keypad

Gate Access Control Systems

To protect a gate, whether it is a commercial or residential gate, there are Gate Access Control Systems. Gate entry systems are unique as they send video and/or audio to a user who can decide whether or not to open the gate remotely. The newer systems are equipped with cellular capabilities to send the data through a cell network to the users phone. The system must also be able to physically control the gate, which requires powerful pistons. Gate systems are used in residential environments, as well as commercial locations that don’t have a permanent guard or in every entry point. Gate access control provides the owner with much flexibility regarding security arrangements as it transmits the information to any location or person and allows them to make a decision to control the gate once access is granted. Gate entry control systems can be programmed to provide access in a predetermined way to users who have a key card, know a code which they enter to a keypad, or swipe a keycard. Most users appreciate the video features with comes with many of the newer systems. A picture can say a thousand words.

gate access control system
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Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors

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We specialize in replacing or installing doors for businesses, industrial complexes and office buildings. If you are in need of a new door installation to your property, give us a call and we will meet you on site to provide a free quote and estimate. Our service takes care of your needs from start to finish, from on-site measurements, retro-fitting new builds to existing frames, customization of doors and glass work, and final installation and adjustments. We also offer an extensive post job warranty, for both doors and installation. Call us now to get a quote for your job: (720) 897-4433

We service all types of doors:
  • Metal and steel doors
  • Wood door
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Store front doors
  • Fire doors/ fire rated doors
  • Access control systems and security doors
  • Double/Double glazed doors
  • Backdoors
  • Industrial doors
  • Exterior and interior doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Custom doors and frames
  • Store front doors
  • Office doors
  • Entry doors
Steel Doors and Metal Doors

Steel doors are highly preferred by commercial entities and businesses as well as homeowners. They offer many advantages in terms of security, maintenance, sturdiness and design customization. Click here to learn more about how to choose steel and metal doors.

Wood Doors

Wood doors provide a unique and warn look to any location, whether a store front or an office building, interior or exterior. Wood doors can be stained or painted to customize their look. They are usually heavy, which creates a sense of importance when opened with an added bonus of giving a sense of safety and security. Due to sensitivity to weather, wood doors are built within a frame. There are many wood types according to the species of the tree, each creating a different look and feel. Some types are more expensive while others are less – choosing the right type for you depends on price and the message you want your door to send.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are easy to install, similar to steel doors. Fiberglass doors offer the option of a texture similar to that of wood, which creates a similar appearance but with the added sturdiness of the fiberglass. But unlike some wood doors, fiberglass doors are highly resistant to temperature swings and all types of weather (including humid climates), plus they require very little maintenance. A huge advantage of fiberglass doors is their ability to withstand scratches and dents, splits, warping, cracking, or delaminating, lowering maintenance requirements even more – require only some sope and water and litle else. This is why fiberglass doors are a good choice for entrances with a lot of coming-and-going. Due to the sturdiness of this type of door, they usually come with a long warranty.

Store Front Doors

A good store front is an art. It should be eye-catching and align with the general design of your store. Click here to learn more about store fronts.

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors are a key issue in safety and a regulatory requirement in many locations. Click here to learn more about Commercial fire rated doors.

We specialize in replacing existing doors for businesses, industrial complexes and office buildings. If you are in need of a new door installation to your property , give us a call and we will meet you on site to provide a free quote for your needs. Our service takes care of your needs from start to finish, from on-site measurements, retro fitting new builds to existing frames, customization of doors and glass work, and final installation and adjustments. Our service comes with an extensive post job warranty, for both doors and installation.

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