Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

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Commercial fire doors are used in locations, facilities, or building that are required to have an officially listed fire door by regulation. The fire door will be installed in an officially sanctioned and listed fire wall. Fire doors have unique links that automatically release thus closing the door when the temperature next to it reaches 165F or 73C. in addition, other sensors connected to the building alarm system, such as smoke, heat, and fire detectors can trigger the door. Commercial fire doors are critical for fire protection safety. Fire can spread quickly in certain environments, particularly inside office building and industrial complexes. This is why choice of quality materials is important. This will ensure not only increased safety for staff, but also reduced property damage in the case of a fire.

commercial fire rated door

Selecting the right fire rated door and frame includes the following:
  1. Choosing the right fire rated door start with the wall where it will be installed – or its fire rating classifications. The fire rating of the door is set by the fire rating of its wall.
  2. Fire rated doors are divided into groups according to the amount of time the door can withstand exposure to heat and fire conditions in a test environment.
  3. Walls that separate different structures or divide large areas into smaller ones usually need a 2 or 3 hour fire rated door and the wall will usually have a 4 hour rating.
  4. Door with fire rating of about 1-0.5 hours are needed in 2 hour rated walls and are mostly used in stairwells or similar closed spaces. In addition, these are required in exterior walls that are exposed to the risk of outside fire.
  5. Doors with fire rating of 45 minutes hours are used in walls with 1 hour rating in corridors and room separations. In addition, these can be installed in exterior walls where the risk of outside fire in medium. If the risk is high, than a higher fire rating is needed.
  6. Door which are rated 20 minutes are used with walls of 1 hour rating in corridors and other location where smoke is the major factor to be controlled for.

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