Door Installation

Door Installation

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We offer a door installation service in Denver, CO to help install all types of doors in commercial or residential locations. We install fire doors, steel and metal doors, pre-hung doors, french doors, wood doors, stainless steel doors, security doors, sliding doors, hollow metal door, custom made doors, and more.

Why Is A High-Quality Door Installation Important?

We are highly experienced door installation professionals. It’s not enough to put the door in place and hope for the best. Precision is a critical factor to door installation. If your installation is off by even a millimeter, after using the door for a short while it will start to degrade the door, the surrounding panel and frame and the hinges. The more the door is used the more this process will continue until you will have to service the door and maybe realign it, but this is after the damage has already been done. We recommend using only professional door installers when installing a new door. The ongoing maintenance of a poorly installed door is expensive and unnecessary.

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 Locks Are A Big Part Of Door Installation

When installing any door, whether a commercial door or residential, understanding the locking mechanism is critical for a successful installation. The lock is one of elements that is most susceptible to erosion due to the many mechanical parts and constant use. Knowing how to install the lock correctly, aligning all the different parts in the door with those in the frame, and understanding where things are prone to erosion will help an experienced installer make the necessary adjustments while installing the door and lock so the system stays useful for many years without the need of constant service.

Door lock parts

Door security

A poorly installed door can become a security threat. This is equally important for businesses as well as for residential locations. Some malicious individuals (thief, burger), know the art of taking advantage of security breaches created by an incorrectly installed door or by a door that has been worn down by use and misalignment. A door is first and foremost a gateway that allows you to choose who comes through it. It has to be practical, aesthetic but also very secure. Our door installers are also highly experienced locksmiths that know the art of the lock inside and out.

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Prehung Doors

Prehung doors are doors that are already attached to a frame. In addition, they come with all the necessary hardware such as hinges, bolts, etc…A prehung door should not be opened until it is mounted on the wall because this could cause the frame to bend and impact install precision. Prehung doors come in different shapes and sizes. To learn more about prehung door installation and maintenance, read this:


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