Door Replacement

Door Replacement

Need new doors for your business?

We provide fast service to the graeter Denver, CO area including Denver metro. We make sure your needs are met. No job is too large or too small for our company, from large office buildings and industrial complexes to small businesses.

In the process of replacing your existing doors, we will go through a standard specification and design process. The first step is to set up a meeting for us to see your property, understand your needs, and take door and frame measurements. Afterwards, we will discuss the options available to you in terms of your new doors, existing frames, handles and panic bars, and locks and access control systems. After we determine the type of doors, frames and solutions that fit your needs, we will plan the job details, check materials availability and supply time, and provide you with a comprehensive quote and plan.

We replace and repair all types of doors, frames, hinges and exit bars:
Commercial and Office Doors
  • We supply and install all types of commercial doors. From prehung hallow metal doors, to custom made glass store front doors, we have a large selection of door options to fit your needs. We complement the door installation with lock service to give you an answer to any security needs from simply changing locks and re-keying, to installing or modifying an access control system to monitor and control building accessibility by customers, employees and suppliers.

commercial and office doors

Exit and Push Bar Doors
  • Exit doors serve two main purposes: 1) Making exiting the building easy via easy push to exit mechanisms 2) Complying with state and federal regulations for public buildings for emergency and fire situations, preventing situations when building visitors are stuck inside of a building during an emergency without the ability to go out. Furthermore, Exit doors enable easy security enforcement as you can configure the security setting to be locked from the outside and unlocked from the inside.

exit and push bar doors

Industrial Doors
  • The main differentiator for industrial doors is the sheer size difference and usability patterns. While a residential door gets opened and closed only several times a day, some industrial doors are used hundreds of times per day. The speed of door opening, door thickness and material type all play an important role in picking the right solution for you. For security reasons, it is important to also take into consideration fire rated industrial doors, and put in place emergency opening mechanisms.

industrial doors

Overhead and Garage Doors
  • Commercial overhead door replacement and installation.
  • Garage Doors motor replacement.
Our service comes with an extensive post job warranty, for both doors and installation. Call us now to get a quote for your job: (720) 897-4433
We service the greater Denver region


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