Store Front Doors

Store Front Doors

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A good store front should be eye-catching to the people walking on the outside but should also represent the interior and feel of the store from within. In today’s world, people are very visual and are bombarded with advertisements all the time – this makes them complacent to visual stimuli. Nevertheless, they still perceive on a subconscious level all that they see. This is why a well-designed store front is a critical part of any business. It is what sets the tone for the customer’s visit and what helps catch customer attention. When used correctly, your storefront can be a powerful tool for your business. When creating a store front, take into account the interior design of the store and make sure to set the right tone in order to attract the right type of customers. Choice of material is also a very important part. Each material has different connotations and feel to it. Steel is cold and wood is warm. Glass can send a “clean” message while steel has a more industrial feel to it. Also, play with combinations of materials which can create a strong impression and a unique result. Additionally, choose if you want a store front that is “see through” so the interior of the store plays a role, or opaque, and therefore standalone. All these choices will influence and shape the first contact the customer has with your business. We supply and install any type of storefront including:

  • Wood store front doors
  • Glass store front doors
  • Steel and metal store front doors
  • Custom made store front doors
store front doors
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To get some inspiration we recommend you follow these links to see some interesting examples and design tips:

Some practical tips we have gathered that can set your store front apart:
Less Is More

The simpler your design, the better. Because we are all bombarded with visual advertisement, we tend to ignore visual clutter whenever we can. Too much can make people walk by without taking notice to your business. A well-designed entrance can ofter be a great attention grabber.

Choose Good Materials

If you use cheap materials, it will show and might send the wrong message. They also tend to break down easily and not withstand harsh weather conditions. Your business might look bad thus discouraging customers.

Night Time Security and Visibility

Visibility into the business at night encourages night-time shopping and more dynamic daytime customers. But, it also creates a security concern as your store is less protected. There are great security solutions for this such as a roll-down with an open-grid grill. We are happy to help you make these choices.

Know Your Supplier

Choosing the right contractor is both about having the best professional skill set and knowledge of zoning regulation.


Proper maintenance can help your bottom line by reducing future expenses of broken down parts.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

When thinking about your entrance, take into account the building, the shops next to you, the street and any other visual cue in your immediate vicinity. This will help you stand out from other stores while blending in with the street. Remember that you are part of a larger area that the customer is exposed to.

Make It Easy To See Into The Store

Help your customer understand what you are about and what your business’ value is. What types of products or services do you provide? Your store front should invite the customer into the store and set the right expectations.


Use lighting in the exterior and interior parts of the store front to catch the eye and direct it to the items you want emphasized. In the night-time, lighting can be a very powerful tool.

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