Garage Door Screens in Denver, CO

New garage door installation

Our well-trained team of garage door installers are experts when it comes to installing all kinds of standard and custom garage doors.

Repair and maintenance

Our skilled and experienced garage door technicians can quickly and efficiently handle any kind of garage door repair issue.

Openers installation

On top of providing garage door installation and repair services, we also install and repair a complete line of garage door openers.

Garage Door Screen Installation in Denver, CO

Garage door screen installation process

At Buffalo Garage Doors Company, we highly recommend using a garage door screen. For us, the installation process includes the following steps:

Step #1: Measure the garage door area

Step #2: Locate and purchase the screen materials

Step #3: Install all the hardware

Step #4: Attach the garage door screen

Common repairs for a garage door screen

A garage door screen has moving parts similar to the moving parts your garage might have. That means repairs will eventually be necessary. Here is a list of common garage door screen repairs you might need:

Garage Door Screen Repairs
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Garage Door Screens in Denver CO

Types of Denver garage door screens we offer

No matter what your goal might be, there will be a garage door screen solution that will meet that goal. That’s applicable whether you are trying to secure a little privacy or simply want to protect the assets in your garage. To help you find the right solution, here is a list of available screens:

Why Choose Buffalo Garage Door Company?

In a highly competitive garage door industry in Denver, it takes a big effort for a company to rise above the competition. We are proud to say Buffalo Garage Doors Company is a leading garage door company in the Denver metro area. We secured this elite status by:

Why choose Buffalo Garage Door Company?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a garage door screen be used year-round in Denver’s climate?

Yes. When the weather is hot, your screen can help keep insects out of the garage while you keep the garage door open for cooling. During the winter month, your screen can help keep the elements from damaging your assets if the door is open.

How durable are screens for garage doors?

To be fair, some screens are more durable than others. It kind of boils down to the way the screen is constructed and the kinds of materials that were used to manufacture the screen.

How do I clean and care for my garage door screen?

In most cases, it’s very simple to wash and maintain a screen. For a quick clean, you can just hose it off. If you want to step it up a little, a soft brush and detergent can bring the screen back to life.

Do you offer any type of motorized or automated garage door screen?

Yes. We do offer retractable screens that are attached to motorized devices that control the opening and closing of the screen. Both horizontal and vertical retractable garage screens are available.