Custom Garage Door Services in the Denver Metro Area

New garage door installation

Our professional garage door installers are well-versed in installing residential and commercial standard and unique garage doors of all shapes and sizes.

Repair and maintenance

Our garage door technicians have the knowledge that’s needed to quickly and efficiently repair a garage door in Denver.

Openers installation

For added value, our technicians can install and repair garage door openers of all makes and models.

Custom garage door installation in Denver

Custom garage door installation

For our garage door installers, no job is too big or too small. They are fully trained to install residential and commercial garage doors of all shapes and sizes from manufacturers all over the U.S. From making recommendations to coming up with custom garage design ideas followed by installation, they have the know-how to participate at all levels of the custom garage door installation process. Whenever you need a new or replacement garage door, Buffalo Garage Doors Company will have your back.

Custom garage door repair

Custom garage doors have plenty of moving parts. Where there are moving parts, there is a need for repair services.

Buffalo Garage Doors Company maintains a fine group of garage door technicians who can handle any kind of garage door problem that might occur. If you need us to repair a garage door in Denver or the surrounding area, you can count on us to respond quickly with the tools and materials we need. Better yet, you can count on us to deliver our repair services quickly, efficiently, and with great precision.

Custom garage door repair in Denver
Residential garage door installation in Denver, Colorado
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Personalized Garage Door Styles and Options

Personalized garage door options

We never question why a customer wants a personalized custom garage door. We are more likely to ask, “Why not?” It’s a known fact that custom and unique garage doors can give a home or business’s exterior that little extra. Here’s a list of the types of custom garage doors we can help you secure:

Why Choose Buffalo Garage Doors Company?

There are quite a few garage door companies operating in the Denver metro area. However, there are very few with a lofty reputation like Buffalo Garage Door. We have earned our stripes as a top-rated garage door company by providing excellent service from highly qualified garage door technicians. What’s more, we always keep our prices competitive and affordable with a willingness to 100% guarantee our materials and workmanship.

Why choose Buffalo Garage Doors Company?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a custom or personalized garage door?

To estimate time, we would want to consider the following criteria: shape, size, garage door material, and level of customization. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can determine the time needed to make the door. Once the door is ready, installation can usually be completed in less than half a day.

How much does a custom garage door cost in Denver?

It’s impossible to give a reasonable quote without knowing factors like garage door shape, size, customization, and materials. For accurate pricing info, we invite you to give us a call and our friendly customer service will give you a free quote.

What security features are available for custom garage doors?

Here is a list of security features you can add to your custom garage door to protect your home, garage, family, and assets:

  • Heat or motion detector
  • Smart garage door opener
  • Frosted windows for privacy
  • Automatic reversal system
  • Garage door opener timer

Do you offer insulated custom and personalized garage doors?

Yes, garage door insulation is available for most types of garage doors. You can purchase a pre-insulated garage door, or we would be glad to insulate the door for you.