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Installation of New Garage Doors

We can supply and install standard and custom commercial/residential garage doors made from popular materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and wood,

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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

Not sure if you need a new door? We can help you avoid the need to purchase a new garage door by providing professional repairs and maintenance as needed.

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Garage Door Openers Installation

Our team of garage door installers is proficient at installing all kinds of openers. You tell us what you want and we’ll come up with the right solution.

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Buffalo Garage Door Company in Denver

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More About Our Garage Door Repair Services

More About Our Garage Door Repair Services

While serving as a company that specializes in garage door repair in Denver, CO 80203, we have created a well-trained team of technicians/installers that can do it all. From garage doors to garage door openers, there is nothing they can’t handle. Our list of repair services includes (but is not limited to):

How we can help

Elite level of customer service

Through training and the accumulation of experience, our technicians have built a reputation for providing fast and efficient services the first time and every time.

Affordable/Quality Services

Working with the best products and using the right tools allows us to provide quality repair and installation services backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Best Team in Denver

At Buffalo Garage Door Co., We believe in our fine team of garage door technicians: dedicated professionals who are driven to deliver fast and efficient services.

Services available 24/7/365

There is no way to predict or anticipate when a garage door will need repairing. That’s why we make sure we have top technicians available every day around the clock.

Residential Garage Door Company in Denver Metro Area

Discover our best residential solutions

Commercial Garage Door Company in Denver Metro Area

Discover our best commercial solutions

Choose your style with Buffalo Garage Doors Company

Our material options include:

We offer a diverse range of door types:

Garage Door Installation Services

There is always a good chance that a garage door repair won’t be enough to solve your problem. It might be that you simply want a new garage door. In either case, you’ll want help from a dependable garage door company like Buffalo Garage Door Company.

As part of our new garage door installation service, we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free consultation as well as our recommendation. Once you know which garage door you want, we’ll move forward to find it, secure it, and professionally install it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

After the installation process has been completed, we’ll test everything one more time before we clean up the work area, pack up our tools, and move on to the next job in your area. When you get the bill, you’ll be thrilled to see our prices are fair and affordable.

Our Garage Door Installation Services

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